Cockatiel eggs not hatching after 21 days

Cockatiel eggs not hatching after 21 days

Hi everybody, today our tip is about Cockatiel eggs not hatching after 21 days .in this time you will need to know What’s going on with your bird? And what are the reasons? so, in our article we will help you to solve this problem.

what happens if eggs don’t hatch in 21 days

1- there are many resins if eggs don’t hatch in 21 days could be an embryo trapped inside or maybe the Eggs infertility.  after week to ten days you have to out Hold your egg up to a candle or strong light then observe carefully If there were blood vessels in the egg it was definitely fertile.

2- cockatiel eggs not hatching that maybe effect of short periods of high temperature or problem with low humidity.

3-Dead-in-shell is probably the most common problem of all breeders and often caused by a fault during incubation. However, a major cause of dead-in-shell eggs is overall inadequate nutrition, particularly of the essential amino acids

4-shell is exactly paralleled by the low exchange rate of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The embryo becomes weak and may develop deformities. If the correct amount of water has been lost from the egg at the end of incubation, the shell is free to rotate around the embryo at hatching. If the egg is waterlogged, resulting in a ‘wet chick’, the whole contents are too tight within the shell and this normal process cannot take place. For this reason, dead-in-shell chi

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