Cockatiel breeding information

Hi every one, today we will be talking about cockatiel breeding information this article will be provided with helpful piece of information which cockatiel breeder will need it during breeding.

what month do cockatiels breed?

 if your cockatiel bird has the right environment, it will lay eggs throughout the year. cockatiel in the wild breed from spring to early autumn.

how long after cockatiels mate do they lay eggs

The hen cockatiel may start to lay in two weeks after the first mating that what all the breeders says but, in fact there is no specific time.    

cockatiel breeding behavior

you will note the female spend more and more time in the nest box, and she will eat from the cuttlebone of which she needs to form the eggshell and When your hen is ready to lay an egg to within a few days her droppings will be a huge. moreover, these big droppings will continue throughout the nesting period.

cockatiel breeding food

you must give breeding cockatiels health food such as cooked sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots Eggs, fish, banana, nuts Apples (without seeds!)   etc.  for more details about cockatiel nutrition please check out this article   

cockatiel breeding-tips

you must Make sure your Female cockatiel at least 2 years old to mating because, that will be risk on her life and also the male should be old enough at least 1 years old or 18 months.

The cage of cockatiel pair should be comfortable and safety. You have should not opening the box because, when cockatiels get scared will broke their eggs. So you have to chooses the suitable time to open the nest box for instance when they come out to eat or to something ales. 

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