Cockatiel egg laying behavior

Cockatiel egg laying behavior

Hi every one, today we will be talking about cockatiel egg laying behavior so, have you ever wonder when your cockatiel bird laying eggs? and what are the sings? All these confused questions will be explaining in details in our article today. So stay with us.

what do cockatiels do before laying eggs

  when cockatiels wants to laying an egg the female will drink a lot of water to fill developing eggs therefore, female cockatiels increase their water intake during the process of eggs production moreover, you will note some sing such as, sleep more than usual or raising her tail feathers in the air.

Cockatiel egg laying behavior   

  when your cockatiel bird about to lay eggs the male cockatiel starts to arrange the box nest after mating so, that the female lays eggs thereafter, female cocktail will be sitting in the nest for a long time. And that mean she is going to lay an egg.

If you notice any of these behaviors, start getting ready for the eggs but you have to know something if the female does not lay an egg, nevertheless, female has big droppings or seems Fluffed up appearance that may be she is sick so, you should take her to the vet as soon as possible.

 most common signs female laying eggs behavior .

Sitting at the bottom of cage

 Big droppings


Visibly swollen abdomen


Decrease in appetite

Fluffed up appearance


Give your bird optimal nutrition. The calcium demands on an egg-laying female is very important because, female cockatiels need good food for her and her baby such as, cooking rice and eggs, fruit, and vegetables.      


We discuss in this article related to egg laying and what Cockatiel egg laying behavior and how to Deale with it.   

egg laying is largely dependent on environmental factors.  so, female cockatiel must be feeling very comfortable.

 we hope this article was helpful for you if you any questions please let us know in the comment below. And think you for reading .      

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