When to remove infertile cockatiel eggs

When to remove infertile cockatiel eggs

Hey everyone, today we will be talking about production of infertile eggs. this is a common problem for Many bird owners which asking when to remove infertile cockatiel eggs? in this article we will cover this topic.   

When should I remove my bird’s eggs

infertile cockatiel eggs Should be removed after ten days to allow the hen to lay again but, don’t remove the eggs until you have candled them to be sour that eggs infertile, that not is everything I’m going to give you some details, that it can be understandable,  

How do you Candling the eggs?

 The first candling can tell you if there are tiny cracks in the shell that need to be repaired or if you have an abnormally structured egg, such as a double yolk. If an egg is cracked and the embryo is dead, do not put it in the incubator because you may introduce bacterial problems into the incubator environment.

If you not have experience to dandify an egg infertile or not therefore, we suggest that you contact your vet or ask an expert


how do you know if a cockatiel egg is infertile?

Cockatiel eggs tike to notch about 18-21 days so, if not hatched after that that mean the eggs are  infertile

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