My cockatiel has laid an egg what should I do

My cockatiel has laid an egg what should I do

My cockatiel has laid an egg what should I do

Hi guys, were you surprised when you found your bird lying in an egg, especially if it happened without mating, or did you think that bird which you have is male? This article will answer your question. About, (My cockatiel has laid an egg. What should I do?) l has laid an egg what should I do

What do you do when a bird has an egg?

 If you have birds that are caged together (male and female) and if you have seen them mating, the eggs may be fertile, so, at the time, the eggs may be fertile. You have to bring a nest box to the female to continue to lay eggs successfully. Cockatiel hens need, especially, during breeding, the vitamins, proteins, and calcium that will help her to stay healthy. Then, you should ask your veterinarian to recommend the best diet for your cockatiel bird.

Should I remove my cockatiel eggs?

If you do not need your cockatiel ‘breeding, you shouldn’t remove the eggs until they continue to lay eggs because she will lay an egg every two days until she completes her “clutch”. These are   some steps that will help you to avoid laying eggs again. Make your cockatiel sleep early. Keep your cockatiel bird away from other birds that will help turn off her hormones.

how many eggs can a cockatiel lay?

common in cockatiels laying eggs about of 4 to 6 every second day.

can a female cockatiel lay eggs without a male?

Almost every female bird will lay an egg whether or not there’s a male present, but, an egg will not be fertilized.

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