Cockatiel nesting behavior

Cockatiel nesting behavior

Cockatiel nesting behavior is one of the most common hormonal well as both male and female can do the nesting why do cockatiels do this and what can you do to avoid it? All this and more will be explain in this article.

How do I know if my cockatiel is nesting?

If your bird 🐦does the following things below. , that mean he\she doing the nesting behavior.

·       Has a favorite kitchen cabinet,

·       Crouch in a corner of the cage,

·       Going into tight spaces

·       Gets angry when you go close to him\her

·       Searching for dark spots to sit in

·       Hiding under furniture

·       Shredding some papers or cloths

Why is my male cockatiel nesting?

Cockatiels show nesting behavior when they are getting hormonal and thinking about mating and making  babies! Creating a nest mean incubating the eggs, furthermore, if you don’t prevent access to nesting spots and nesting material you will be surprise by finding some eggs in somewhere in your house!

How to stop your Cockatiel nesting behavior?

If you want your bird to stop nesting behavior do the following:

·         Never offer any item which could be viewed as a nest.

·       Avoid allowing your bird to hide inside your shirt sleeves or other private areas.

·       Keep your bird busy of making babies!

·       Put your bird in bed early

·       Keep your bird away from dark, closed spaces

·       Don’t pet your bird on her back or under her tail because Petting anywhere on the body can be sexually stimulating

In spite of that, Some Cockatiel birds get very hormonal in spring and no matter what you do, they can’t control themselves. If this happened and none of the above has worked, we recommend you visiting an avian veterinarian.


Cockatiels nesting behavior is making your bird to think you as her\his “mate” and also your bird will become more aggress if you interrupt what he doing during nesting , nesting behavior can be a really problem if you never plan to breeding  your bird. Therefore, you should prevent access to nesting spots and nesting material.

We hope this information was enough for you. If you have any question please let us know in the comment below. 

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