Cockatiel breeding behavior

Cockatiel breeding behavior

Cockatiel breeding behavior is one of the most important hormonal behavior. And every breeder should know how to deal with it. So, today we will explain this breeding cockatiel behavior to help you to understand your bird.

how do you tell if a cockatiel is going to lay an egg?

 When your bird wants to lay an egg he will show breeding behavior obvious. and you will  note your bird spends a long of time seeking out dark places to hide or some time getting low to the ground, half spreading his wings and swaying furthermore, also started showing aggression screaming when you live the room and sometime feel in jealousy towards that if you talking to another bird, will scream and bite. However, You will note that attack of hormonal disturbances  so, if you see your cockatiels in that situation, that mean he wants to lay an eggs as well as, both male and female showing breeding behavior. 

How  do you stoup cockatiel breeding behavior

 If you don’t want your cockatiel to breeding, prevent access nesting sites and anything that looks like a nest.  And also, could you move the location of the cage. Cockatiels should never be given a nest box unless if you want him to lay eggs,


Cockatiel breeding behavior is hormonal behavior that mean cockatiels want to lay eggs so, cockatiels will start showing aggression and jealousy that either male or female however, if you plan to breed your bird that will be okay, but if you don’t want to, you have to follow the instruction we mention above earlier. If you have any question, please let us know in the comment section below.  

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