How often do cockatiels lay eggs without mating?

How often do cockatiels lay eggs without mating?

 You may have a single female cockatiel and she continue lay eggs without mating all the year. Don’t worry kingdom cockatiel team Will explain that how often do cockatiels lay eggs without mating. And also how should you handle this situation.

how often do female cockatiels lay eggs without a male

female cockatiels lay eggs without mating because it is a natural process.  All Avian can lay eggs with or without a mating. The truth is, cockatiels like chickens do not need a mating to lay an egg .and all eggs definitely will not be fertile because laying eggs without a male or mating can be always rustle in unfertilized eggs.

why is my cockatiel laying unfertilized eggs?

When Your female cockatiel laying unfertilized eggs that mean her partner could be a female because many owners do not know the sex of their bird and If you one of them. You may need to know more about male mating behavior. secondly, maybe your cockatiel male has a fertilization problem and the best way to know that by taking him to your vet.   

   Discourage egg-laying in female cockatiels

Egg laying in female cockatiels can be a serious health we will offer you some ways to discourage egg laying.

1- Diet

food should not appear to be too plentiful. Because plenty of food encourage your bird to make family. But, ensure that your bird is getting enough food. Don’t let her starving! or she will de or get sick.

2- Do not touch your bird in wrong places

If you touch you bird lower back or abdomen she will think you are a male and she will be response to mating. So, keep the scratching at the head, neck, and upper body area.

3- Nest box and Toys

If your bird has a nest box, it is better to remove it because adult cockatiels do not need a box to sleep! They and you know nest box is just for breeding. And also avoid any soft toys or that feel like nesting materials.

4-  Lighting and sleep

 You should provide lighting source at less for 8-12 hours so, that she does not think it’s breeding season. And also encourage her to sleep early by covering her cage and Provide a quiet place for sleep time.   


How often do cockatiels lay eggs without mating?  Cockatiels can lay eggs without mating because it is a natural proses occur with all birds. And also Laying eggs without mating always result in unfertilized eggs and serious health discourage laying eggs remove the nest box, control the daylight, watch her diet, avoid touch below the neck and provide enough quite sleep hours.

We hope this answer was both useful and helpful for you.

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