Female cockatiel mating behavior

Female cockatiel mating behavior

Female cockatiel mating behavior and some common questions (+Tips), however, all what you need about your female cockatiel behavior will be focusing today.

Male vs. female cockatiels mating behavior

 There are certain differences in behavior between the male and the female cockatiels, therefor, Cockatiel kingdom team would like to share with you this quick difference between male and female cockatiels mating behavior, to make things easier to you if you don’t have time to read the whole article. So we hope it will be useful for you.

1- Vocalizing

Male cockatiels are much more vocal than females. Males tend to sing or have a higher range of different chirps. Females doesn’t sing very much, on the contrary, Some females sing muted songs during mating behavior but they never sings like males and you can take this is as a rule.

2- Mating Behavior

Males are more likely to show some courting behavior sort of display. Female will not be part of the courtship rituals, otherwise, all females can do is asking for mating by droop their wings down, raise their rear end and make soft cooing sounds.

3-hormonal behavior

Both Male and female cockatiels can have aggressive behavior not only during mating season but also some other things could make them would stimulate their hormones. And we make a list of the most things that make your cockatiel getting hormonal below.

hormonal mating behavior

4- Nesting behavior

 Male can be very active when he get inside a nest, singing, tap the box with his beak and chewing the straw. However, females cannot do any of these Nesting behaviors, as well as two males can mate and work their nesting box as a true pair cockatiels , but no eggs will be laid. And females will do likewise, except both females will lay eggs. As known generally female cockatiel lay eggs without male.

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(Quick tips)

1- You aren’t supposed to give females cockatiel scratches below their head since it is sexually stimulating them.

2- make sure your female cockatiel doesn’t have access to hollows that would stimulate her nesting hormones.

3-if you want your cockatiel bird be happy please don’t rais two females or one female. Not only because of mating needs but also no one like to live without their mates.

4- If you’re female cockatiel showing mating behavior don’t stop her and give her some privacy or bring her a male instead! Yes, animals have equalrights like humans, moreover, we don’t have the right to control their life! 

5- A female cockatiel should be at least about 2years old. Letting her breed too young is dangerous. Furthermore, she could die from egg binding!

Common questions

What do female cockatiels do when they want to mate?

Actually, female cockatiels do not do much things like male mating rituals. They don’t take part in this type of showing off, but female cockatiels do a very common behavior which is droop their wings down, raise their rear end and make soft cooing sounds and this is Female cockatiel mating call .

Female cockatiel hormonal behavior

She droop her wings down, raise her rear end and make soft cooing sounds, however, this is the most noticeable thing can a female  do when she getting hormonal.

Female cockatiel mating sounds

1-an irregular chirp

2-whistle copied again and again

3-a deep, extended wolf whistle

4-a sharp screech

5-rhythmic tweets

6-a minute whistle melody

7-a light squeak during dozing.

Cockatiel mating season

By the start of spring (around March 20), nesting season has already started. But in captivity, Cockatiels can  mate and breed any time of the year. 

 How long is cockatiel mating season

It is from spring to early autumn.


Many of the color variations of the cockatiel birds make difference between males and females more of a challenge.  Consequently, you’ll probably have to go by the behaviors instead . But sometimes cockatiel owners observed that their female cockatiel starts to whistle! Or their male cockatiel bows his head and raises his tail, making these quiet chirping noises! And those behaviors make things difficult to figure out if their cockatiel is female or male. Accordingly to all these problems we make this article to help most of cockatiel keepers as much as we can.

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