Male cockatiel mating behavior

Male cockatiel mating behavior

Male cockatiel mating behavior and also, some common questions about cockatiel mating will be explained in this article. So male cockatiel mating behavior going to be the main subject. And kingdom cockatiel team have tried to provide you with the most important information about your lovely male cockatiel. So enjoy!

How do you know if a cockatiel wants to mate?

1-whistle mating call

the most known mating behavior when your Male cockatiel interested in a female cockatiel starts to whistle with different types of sounds like twittering or warbling . How do you recognize that is a mating call? Believe it or no he will not only attract the attention of his hen you also, will be captive by his singing because it is not a noise voice at all! You will want to listen to it again and again with happiness😍. Notice females cannot make these calls. (They also don’t talk).

2-mating dance

When it’s time to mate the male cockatiel will show some courting behavior. Will do a mating dance he give a little jump from please to another Following the female with his calls, fluff up his feathers and bob his head. He is quite comical. You will absolutely have some fun time watching him. Male cockatiel also tapping his beak on the walls of the cage or on the nesting box to get the attention of Female cockatiel

 3- nesting behavior

Male cockatiel will do all the investigations of the box before letting his female enter. He doing this by looking into the entrance hole several times a day. Also chewing the hole of the box to making it wider and the possible explanation to this behavior that he is trying to make a safety entrance to his lovely future wife 😏 even they are not mated yet.

Also, the most common behavior when the male cockatiel enter the box he will start to singing once he get inside . Sometimes tap the box with his doubt he is trying to attract the attention of his hen to enter the nesting box. But the poor male may spend many days coming and going from the nesting box because the female refuses to give him any attention 💔

What is the time to mate the male?

Cockatiels mating ritual begins when the male cockatiel is sexual maturity. And this only happens when your bird is old enough to make a new family 👪. As a breeders to over thirty pairs of cockatiel. We can tell you that there are different ages of mature male cockatiels. Most breeder say that male cockatiels should be able to mating when they are 15 to 24 months. But that isn’t a rule because they  have different personalities like a humans.

And for example our lovely 😍 male cockatiel fall in love with a female that living next to his cage. And we please them together. She was about three years but our male was just nine mouths! And guess what? They have babies’ now❤ (BUT DO NOT DO THE SAME THING WITH THE FEMALE) she could die while laying her first egg! Females should be at less two years to mating so, please be patient 🙏 their safety come first❤

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Some common questions

What is the mating season for cockatiels?

By the start of spring (around March 20), nesting season has already started. But in captivity, Cockatiels can  mating  and breed any time of the year. 

How do you stop a male cockatiel from mating?

 “As always we  encourage our visitors to respect animals rights” In our opinion you shouldn’t stop ⛔ them from mating. They have the completely right to be together and mate any time they want. You don’t want extra responsibility we understand that but stopping them is not a solution. And if you don’t know that a cockatiel birds can make a good business for you. so, let them mate, laying eggs normally and when they get some pretty babies. After a while when they will be able to eating by themselves you can sell them with a good price. You can even offer them online you will definitely find some buyers.

Please keep in mind that cockatiel parrots can’t live alone. And if they live alone, will require much attention and care from his keeper.

do male cockatiels get hormonal

 They do tend to get more hormonal during the spring and early summer as that’s the mating season in the wild. and we are trying to cover all the information about this topic for you therefore , stay tuned !


We hope this article about cockatiel mating behavior was useful and helpful for you to understand  your cockatiel parrot well during mating season. And also female mating behavior is important to know therefore, our next topic going to focusing on female behavior so, don not miss that.

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