How to make cockatiels mate

How to make cockatiels mate

How to make cockatiels mate is an easy thing to do and will be Explained in details for you. But, kingdom cockatiel team will offer you some basic instructions of tried-and-tested techniques to maximizing chances of cockatiels mating in just seven days!

Table of Contents

1.1 How do you know when your cockatiel is ready to mate?

2.1 How do you get birds to mate?

2.2 Pair of unrelated birds and old enough

2.3 Healthy

2.4 Daylight

2.5 Will cockatiels mate without a box?

2.6 Nutrition

3.1 Why are my cockatiels not mating?

3.2 How to encourage your bird to mate?

4. Summary

How do you know when your cockatiel is ready to mate?

Some cockatiel birds are sexual maturity at young age like a 12 weeks less or more that depend on the bird personality and position. However, both male and female cockatiels will start showing mating behavior obviously. But, this does not mean they are ready to mate and breed at all! To avoid physical stress and health problems, male and female cockatiels must both be old enough- 9-12 months old a male and 2 years for a female. Than you can start with them step by step. if you want to know how, follow up with us below.

How do you get birds to mate?

1- Pair of unrelated birds and old enough

To make your birds  mating successfully, match a pair of a male bird (cock) and a female (hen) which are not siblings or related birds because they have probably chance to produce deformed offspring. Be sure both are old enough as we said previously. 9-12 months old a male and 2 years for a female.

2- Healthy

Get them both checked out by your vet before you starting the breeding process. Because if your cockatiels are unhealthy, could endanger them especially the female!


Cockatiels need light to be able to breed and it doesn’t necessary to be natural. You can put a lamp on their cage. You should switch it on in the morning and switch it off at night to make them think this is a natural light.

4- Will cockatiels mate without a box?

Sometime, Cockatiels mate without a box but they need a nesting box to breed. Or else, a female will laying one or more eggs on the cage floor. So give them nest box if they are compatible. The nest box should be attached to the outside of the cage and high up as much as possible. Because in wild life cockatiels build their nests 🥚 in trees so, try to keep everything higher not only the nesting box but also perches and the cage itself.

5- Nutrition

Cockatiels need a balanced diet to produce a healthy, Seed only is not enough for breeding or mating. Your bird should also be eating fresh foods like leafy greens, Vegetables and fruits. Also you can offer cooked eggs and multi grain bread. but, serve any cooked food with a little amount to avoiding overweight , because reduce the chances of fertility and increases the possibility of egg binding in the female. You can also put some orange juice or lemon in their water every day if they refuse to eat any fruits.

6- Why are my cockatiels not mating?

There are many reasons make cockatiels not mating and kingdom cockatiel team will share his experience with you as breeders over many years with dozens of cockatiels.

1- The most common reason is that your cockatiels are not comfortable in their cage or nest, so make sure they’re in a quiet location of your house and away from any Children or household pets like dogs, cats or any other birds like a parrot fly round their cage . Try to give your bird some privacy during the matting process to get best results.

2-As breeders we always notice that our cockatiel birds can’t mate for along time because of the females and why is that? If you don’t know, that a cockatiel hen has the whole control in the mating and breeding process because if she doesn’t agree to mate the male will do nothing and also, he can’t force her because they will end up with a big fight!

3-a cockatiel hen reject the mating because of three reasons. First, she doesn’t like the male and this is a normal thing some people don’t believe it but it is true so, get her a new male. Second, she may be sick and usually will spend all day sleeping and being in bad mood. In this Situation get her to your vet as soon as possible. Third, she became an overage and not able to lay eggs anymore. So, get your male a new hen! 

8-How to encourage your bird to mate?

If you have done everything right but, your cockatiels have not mated what should you do!?

Don’t worry we tried harder to answer this question for you so follow up the next tips below. 

1– Try to placing a mirror in your cockatiel’s cage because males will be quite fascinated with their reflection and start to showing mating behavior.

2-if the male and female don’t interesting in each other keep them in separate cages but,  make sure their cages away about  a mile and in front each other for a 3-7 days. You will notice that the male hopping around as well as in whistling to get hen attention also, try harder to reach her by running left and right in cage sides. At this stage you can keep them together in the same cage.

3-Ask your vet for some vitamins or you can offer them some radish, leek, parsley and spinach. There are a lot of vegetables

4-show them some videos of another cockatiel birds get mating. Also you can play some audio voices of cockatiel singing for a long time.


The best way to make cockatiels mate successfully is to match a Pair of unrelated birds who are pair-bonded and healthy, providing them with a healthy environment, offer a wide range of nutritious foods, and then allow nature to take its course. If you do everything right then just be patient and hope for the best.

How to make cockatiels mate

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