cockatiel eggs

cockatiel eggs

Hello guys, toady we will be talking about cockatiel eggs and we going to cover this concept as much as we can.

 THE eggs

The egg, although seemingly simple, is a very complex method of reproduction. If an egg is cracked into a bowl for inspection, it appears to be nothing more than a shell, yolk, and some egg white; however, each one of these parts contains less visible but crucial sub-parts, all of which must be in their proper place and perform their contributing function for a chick to be hatched. Malfunctions of any of the constituents may cause death to the embryo.

When the egg is formed, it must contain all of the nutritional requirements necessary to sustain the growing chick until after hatch-ing. This is the main reason that birds fed inadequate diets have a history of dead in shell chicks.

cockatiel eggs



Eggshells perform one very important function: protection. The shell is shaped and formed so that great pressure must be exerted on it before it will shatter from the outside, but it will crack easily if pushed from the inside. This physical phenomenon makes it easier for the chick to escape the shell when the time arrives.

 Shell thickness varies greatly among birds. Generally, the larger the bird, the thicker the shell. Eggs with thinner shells usually contain thicker shell membranes and vice versa.

The shell contains three separate layers. The outermost part is called the cuticle and consists of dried mucus laid down in the uterus. This dried mucus creates a shining luster in the eggs of some species of birds, but not in all of them. The main functions of this layer are to regulate evaporation of moisture through the shell and to protect the embryo from bacteria and other microorganisms.

what do you do after a cockatiel lays an egg?

The cockatiel parents need a lot of car as like foods – chopped veggies, fruits, cooked eggs, multi, vitamins seeds and everything they need, and they need to feel safety inside their nestbox moreover, need a lot of water while laying eggs furthermore give them more attention if that first eggs for them maybe they don’t know how to sat on the eggs.

how long does it take a cockatiel egg to hatch?

Cockatiel egg hatch about 21-days but, if they don’t hatch in 21 days you can wait for a few more days if eggs don’t hatch that mean cockatiel eggs infertile or the chick died in side.   

do cockatiels lay unfertilized eggs

 Yes, cockatiels lay unfertilized eggs in addition to, there are many reason make cockatiel egg not be fertilizing might be male does not fertilize a female well or the female lays eggs without mating by the way this is common with females  

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