Fake cockatiel eggs

Hi everybody today we going to talk about Fake cockatiel eggs why and for what we use it . You will know all the details with kingdom cockatiel.  

Fake cockatiel eggs

What are fake cockatiel eggs for?

fake cockatiel eggs using for cockatiel to stop laying full clutch because that is a common problem for hen when you remove her egg she will continue to laying the eggs to replace them so, for that you can buy fake bird eggs or use infertile real eggs.

            You have to give her a bunch of fake eggs when the female cockatiel lays the first egg so, she going to think she has a full clutch already and doesn’t need to lay any more. Leave the eggs with the female for about 21 days or until she gives up on them. That preserve her Health because, if she lays more eggs she going to die prematurely.

If you don’t want your female to lay eggs, you have to work on reducing her hormone so, don’t stimulate female cockatiel to continue laying eggs, you should avoid these things as such soft toys, don’t give her cocking eggs, don’t let her go to dark places and put her in bed early.

How to make fake cockatiel eggs?

 If your female lay egg without male, that mean her eggs (infertile) once you take the eggs from the female you can keep infertile real eggs. that for when you went to stop your female cockatiel lay eggs that will helping you instead of the fake eggs but you have to make mark by the marker before put it down the female that for to know when the hen lay new eggs.


We had talked  about fake eggs and what for you use they are  plastic fake eggs help the breeder when he don’t want  his female cockatiel to lay eggs and how  to make the fake eggs  by Keeping the infertile .

We hope this article was helpful for you if you have any questions please let us know in the comment below. And think you for reading

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