Can cockatiel eggs hatch without a male?

Hi everybody today we will answer this question Can cockatiel eggs hatch without a male? you’re probably wondering how it happened .so in this article we will clarify do eggs hatch without male?

can a female cockatiel hatch an eggs without a male?

female cockatiel lay eggs without a male that is law of natural and occur for most of species birds but, impossible that eggs hatch without an infertile. because, eggs need for male to be infertile. But if there is a male around and you have seen them mating.  Undoubtedly, the eggs will be fertilized and will going  hatch.

my bird laid an egg without a mate

if you have seen a female lays eggs without a mating don’t panic because, that process egg laying without presence of a male is normal and it happened to all the female birds but, don’t think eggs will be fertilized, because, fertilization eggs will not be without a mating.

how long do cockatiel eggs take to hatch

cockatiel eggs hatch about 18-21 days but if it didn’t hatch in specific time you should candle the egg to becomes maybe need to help to come out but If you do not have any experience, please contact an expert or contact your veterinarian.      

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cockatiel laying without male


  We have answered question about Can cockatiel eggs hatch without a male?  We have said that impossible to Be aware inexperienced bird owners’ when female lays eggs without male her eggs will not hatch.

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