Cockatiel laying without male

Cockatiel laying without male

Hi every one, today we will be talking about does female Cockatiel laying without male? Most of cockatiel owners have wondered about that so, we will explain it in details in our article today. So stay with us 

can female birds lay eggs without a male?

 Female cockatiel can lay eggs without a male because this is a natural thing for all female birds. But don’t worry the eggs will not be unfertilized.

how do i stop my female cockatiel from laying eggs?

 putting her to bed early than usual because this will help to turn off her breeding hormones. and forbid her from access to dark spaces such as under a couch, behind a microwave, or in a cabinet.  

can cockatiel eggs hatch without a male?

 eggs without a male bird definitely will not hatch Because Eggs must be fertilized by a male so, it is impossible be fertilized.   


 We explained how cockatiel laying without male. this subject is very importing to inexperienced bird owners. so, We hope this article was helpful for you. if you have any questions please let us know in the comment below, and think you for reading.

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