How to care for cockatiel eggs

How to take care of cockatiel eggs?

Hello everyone, today we will talk about how to take care of cockatiel eggs Knowing how to properly care for pet birds is very important so in this article we will explain how to take care of them

How to take care of cockatiel eggs?

 I am going to tell you how do you care of cockatiel eggs.  There are some steps you should to do when cockatiels lay their eggs. be sure to record the first egg laid by the female, and do not move the nest while the female is lying down until the time of hatching so, that the female does not abandon the egg furthermore, must maintain a balance of humidity and temperature because, if humidity was low or high that will make the chick die inside the egg.

In addition to, female cockatiel must be in a quiet environment, meaning there are no other animals nor children so that the cockatiel pair don’t fear and spoil the eggs if cockatiel pier didn’t feel safety they will can’t to take care of their eggs. Furthermore, finally if cockatiels bird does not lie don you can put the eggs in a container or transfer it to another pair who have eggs.

how to incubate cockatiel eggs?

Sometimes you need an incubator in your home. If you have one of these reasons, when the husband leaves eggs or leaves for chicks, or you have a sick chick, you can raise them in the incubator, put it to the appropriate degreeز

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