Cockatiel pulled out blood feather

Cockatiel pulled out blood feather is common problem for lot of cockatiel birds. And most of breeders do not know how to deal with that. So, in this article kingdom cockatiel team will explain how to pull a blood feather to help your poor cockatiel.

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Do you know about the feathers?

Bird feathers are skin appendages that result from regular division of epidermal cells. it consists mainly of a protein called creatine, and feather consists of a main stalk Hollow and perforated from the end connected to the bird s body, through which food passes and branches off about 650 bronchioles on each side each, branching off about 600 bronchioles is smaller. to intertwine with each other even these small bronchioles are attached to about 390 lines air is not allowed to penetrate it during flight, and if one of these bronchioles separate from the bird can return it to its natural position by beak or by bouncing and the birds keep their feathers are neat and clean using the oil gland located under the tail,

what are blood feathers on cockatiels?

If an old feather has dropped off, a new feather grows in its place. It evolves from a feather bud which is very well supplied with blood. It is located in the skin. When it grows, the first visible thing is a small, pen-shaped structure that pushes through the skin. At this stage, the young feathers are in compact sheaths and they push out from the bottom up, unfolding the soft components of the feather as time goes on. For the feather to grow, there are tiny blood vessels (one artery and one vein) at its base inside. The blood transports nutrients and other vital substances to the developing feather, which are needed by the body while building the horn substance that makes up the feathers.

Blood feather is new feather but it incomplete feather. sometime it being in period season molt. The molting is natural process of renewing the plumage. So during the molting bird the worn feathers will drop out.

cockatiel pulled blood feathers

  cockatiel usually frighten from anything, no doubt Cockatiel is very sensitive bird, therefore, do not think cockatiel can pulled out a blood feather from his skin. Not only because he is Frighten but he will feel in pain. That is why you notice your cockatiel yells when he breeds his feathers or when any one touch him. I need to tell you something ales, when you notice drops of blood around the cage, that because the shaft of the feather is bleeding. That happen when the bird get shock or flaps its wings so that he hurt himself.

   can blood feather heal on their own?

broken blood feather some time heal on its own. usually bleeding coming out of wing or tail of the poor birds, if you see the bleeding has already stopped you Can just leave it be, but when you notice the   bleeding feather does not stop in this situation. to stop the bleeding, the feather needs to be completely removed. if you don’t have experience you maybe pulling it out improperly so l recommend You to take your bird to the vet. 

what do i do if my cockatiel breaks a blood feather

If you choose to pull out blood feather, there are three steps you must to do call of some experience to tell you what you should to do with your cockatiel. Or the best would be to bring the bird to your vet and let him do it. at last before doing any step you must read and read because if you do any mistake or a crack occurs, your cockatiel will not heal.


Finally, broken blood feather sometime is Cause of afraid .Wing feathers are most commonly affected with blood feathers. Therefore, you must do not hart these poor creatures try to don’t make him feel in pin if you pull out the blood feather because he can not talking to tell you that he is feel pain. 

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