Broken blood feather

cockatiel blood feather

sometime Broken blood feather being dangerous that of course, if you do not know how to dealing with broken blood feather. this process can become untreated in some birds so in this article we will know how to deal with it feather.  

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What Is a Broken Blood Feather?

generally, broken blood feathers happened to all the birds Especially, in young birds and in mature bird’s.

and that is why a broken, immature (blood feather) bleeds and a mature feather does not. When a feather, even a mature one, is pulled completely out of the follicle, bleeding can occur. This happens because the vascular dermis is tom by the pulling motion. Emerging from the clams is the rachis, the central shaft of the feather. From the rachis, barbs branch out on each side and from each barb, barbules branch. Barbules have hooks (barbicels) that interlock with other barbules in a zipper-like fashion,

why do blood feathers break?

causing a recurrence of bleeding, but these scenarios are less common than simple clotting. Many birds with internal health problems usually involving the liver may have some clotting problems, and these birds may be more predisposed to bleeding problems.

Blood feathers are sensitive and seem to itch as they develop, so many birds love to have their incoming feathers scratched or preened by their owners. However, your pet may jump or complain if you kink or hurt one of these pin feathers. They have a rich nerve supply, which can help explain why your bird may be more sensitive if you touch a pin feather in the wrong way. Appreciation of this sensitivity may be a good guide for you when preening or scratching your bird, or when trying to deal with a broken, bleeding pin feather.

Why Do Blood Feathers Break?

 Broken Blood feather or pin feathers are new feathers that are starting to grow out. The new feathers are nourished by their own personal blood supply located in the shaft (the part you would write with if you were using a quill pen).

After the feathers reach their full growth, that blood supply closes up shop, but until then, developing feathers can be fragile. It’s not uncommon for them to break if a bird crashes into a wall, window, or ceiling fan, or takes a Geronimo leap off the cage (all of which are common occurrences in wing-trimmed birds

 how to treat a broken blood feather?

 You can grasp the blood feather at the base so you can gently pull it out. Jerking it out can damage the wing, but gentle pressure stops bleeding, ensures the least amount of trauma to the feather follicle, and stimulates growth of a new feather to replace the broken one. A little dab of styptic powder from your first-aid kit or even a bit of cornstarch from the pantry will help to stop bleeding. Because pulling out one of these feathers can be quite painful, another option may be to simply tie off the broken feather below its fracture line, which also will stop the bleeding. not to harm your cockatiel bird.

If one of these feathers gets accidentally broken, it usually clots on its own, and bleeding stops quickly. Just in case, ask your veterinarian to demonstrate how and where to.

Important thing you have to know if you have not any experience with broken blood feathers.

Notec: Don’t pull it out keep in mind your cockatiel bird will get internal bleeding.

Finally, broken blood feather can be dangerous. dear reader keeps in mind the birds have equal rights like us. This earth is not for humans only. And it is important to keep them healthy and happy.

We hope this article was helpful for you if you have any questions please let us know in the comment below. And think you for reading.

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