cockatiel male or female

Cockatiel male or female Sometimes it is difficult to detect the female from the male However, there are behaviors and some signs that help the breeder to know the male from the female .so , in this article we going to know how to tell if a cockatiel is male or female and are male or female cockatiels more affectionate.

how to tell if a cockatiel is male or female

First of all, there is something you should know It is difficult to detect the male from the female if your bird is young, but when it reaches maturity it will be easy to know You can tell the male from the female after puberty by the plumage. The male’s feathers are dark gray with a yellow face, and there are no spots on his tail or on his wing feathers. As for the female, it is sometimes a dull gray color, her face is gray, and there are broad points on her wing and tail.

From my experience with cockatiel birds, the points under the tail and above the wing are not a fixed sign that distinguishes a male from a female.

The difference between male and female by voice

You can also tell the male from the female by voice and tweeting, as the male cockatiel sings loudly and beautifully, but the female has a low voice.

1-The male cockatiel is a lot of tweeting and whistling.

2-The female is quiet and unable to speak

3-The male is active and able to speak and make many beautiful sounds

Find out the male cockatiel from the female from the behavior

1-Male cockatiels express mating behaviors clearly, unlike cockatiels female. He also walks in front of the female to attract her attention with a big movement. It has many dances like raising its wings with a beautiful view. But the female cockatiel doesn’t do much, just maybe feed the male. Or even just looking at him she just raising her tail when she wants to mate.

Ways to know the male cocktail from the female

The pelvic bones can also help in identifying the male from the female in cocktail birds, as the male has a narrow difference between the pelvic bones and the bones of the rib cage, and the difference between the pelvic bones and each other is narrow. As for the female, the distance between the pelvic bones is wider, but on condition that the female is large. She laid eggs previously.

The external shape also gives you important information by which to differentiate between the male and the female. For example, the male’s head is larger than the female’s, and it is rectangular in shape, and the female’s head is circular in shape and smaller in size. The crown feathers in males are longer and thinner than the crown feathers of females, which are thick and short as well. The male’s tail feathers are pointed and blunt, while the female’s tail is wide.

Summary of knowing the male from the female

There are signs that some people find clear that indicate between the male and the female, but some of these signs are not fixed and are not completely approved so, It depends on the experience of the breeder. anyway, In this article, we discussed some of the signs that indicate a male from a female.

The crown on the head of the male cockatiel is long and dense when compared to the crown of the female.
An adult male cockatiel often makes many different tones.

While the female can only shout.
There is a mark in the tail so that the male has a dark gray tail that tends to black.
While the female’s tail is frilled, i.e. it has lines or markings.

When you see the cockatiel standing with its legs close together, know that it is male.
As for when the cockatiel stands with its legs apart, it is mostly female.
Also, the wings of the female cocktail contain white spots, unlike the male, which does not contain any spots.
The male cockatiel’s cheeks are bright orange in color, while the female’s cheek color is dull, with some gray lines.
In general, the male’s colors are bright, while the female’s colors are dull.