Cockatiel blood feather

Cockatiel blood feather

Cockatiel blood feather is common problem among all people Furthermore, and it happens to all poultry, so you must familiarize yourself with your cockatiel and how you should behave in this is case, so in this article l going to till you how do you deal with blood feather.

how to identify a blood feather?

If you want to know, how discovers your bird has blood feathers, that will be quite easy to identify because you’ll actually be able to see the blood in the shaft of the feather because the feather will be very clear.

You can see the pinkish blood flow in the larger wing and tail feathers

what does a blood feather look ?

cockatiel’s feathers are similar to quills, and they have a deep blue, red, or pink color at the base where it’s nourished by blood feathers are also known as pin feathers,

blood runs through the blood vessel of the feather, and all birds have them

If you have a bird, whether you’re a “newbie”

or an experienced birder you need to know what to do about a blood feathers.

blood feathers in bird’s cockatiel’s pin It is a normal condition and happens to birds that start growing new feathers and that happen after cockatiel losing feathers by molting They can be seen in young birds and in mature birds’ growth of a bird and will be your bird feathers are essentially.


why are my birds feathers bleeding

case of a broken blood feathers that could be Your cockatiel can be a bit   be frightened, especially if he’s not used to flying or if he has episodes of thrashing about in the night or not used to the new place.  

what do you do if your bird has a blood feather?

If you are able to identify a broken blood feather, the feather shaft must be removed from the bird’s skin to stop the bleeding. To remove the broken blood feather, the first thing to do is to wrap the bird in a towel and first aid.

You can pull the feather if it is broken and bleeding, pull it gently, that is, hold the feather firmly and pull it, do not hold it from the break, but from above the break so that the bird does not suffer but, important thing you have to know if you have not any experience with broken blood feathers. Don’t pull it out keep in mind your cockatiel bird will get internal bleeding. you can contact an expert .

breaks a blood feather when you find your cockatiel broken wings or see blood in his cage May that injury himself or hit his wing somehow when he was flying, by the way usually that happen to the cockatiel birds.


finally, the best thing you can do for your bird. It helps to watch your bird carefully when new feathers are coming in If for some reason you are not able to pull the blood feathers out, you can try to use some cornstarch and try to plug the broken feather at the tip where it broke and

then take your bird to your local vet so that the feather can be pulled out.

if you have any questions let us know in to the comment below because your bird live is important to us.

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