Cockatiel pin feathers

Cockatiel pin feathers

Cockatiel pin feathers

Cockatiel pin feathers

Have you ever winder about your cockatiel pin feathers? don’t worry all people asking about this problem. because this is happening to many birds such as like cockatoos, budgie and parrots. And in this article I will give you all details about cockatiel pin feathers.   

what do pin feathers look like

pin feathers are looks like a spikes cockatiel pin feathers are one of the first stages of feather growth

usually noticed on baby birds, or during molting as the feather grows out,

the blood recedes and the shaft is hollow This new feather has a blood supply flowing through it and is encased by a keratin.  

should i help my bird with pin feathers

The next important stage is the pin feathers are very sensitive and the bird will feel pain if you touch or move it.

If a pin feather is damaged, it will start to bleed.

Or could you sometimes it helps a bird because they cannot reach their pin that around the head feathers


are pin feathers bad

During a molt, pin feathers will begin to grow out of the bird as a sign that it is about to replace its old feathers with new ones pin feathers will give your bird new feathers if you helping him grow successfully.

For instance, do not let him hart themselves daring period of pinfeathers.  

are pin feathers normal

natural process beginning stage of normal feather growth even though than bird will be able to adapt with the pin feathers develop

are pin feathers itchy

common problems are with cockatiel’s also uncomfortable Because he feels pain while preening him feather so , The bird will scratch a feather more than normal at this stage  if you help it preen its pin feathers  try to make sure you do not damage these feathers as doing so can cause heavy bleeding

preening pin feathers

        When cockatiel is preening, birds usually do it all by themselves as they are flexible enough to reach almost all of the areas in their bodies. But sometimes they feel in addition to that    The purpose of the pin is developing feather after normal moult

should you remove pin feathers?

remove pin feathers is endangering special issue with wing and tail feathers you should avoid touching them as they can hurt your bird or make it feel uncomfortable.

 finally, because a quick turnaround of new feathers is sometimes required for health and safety reasons for wild birds.

 if you have any questions let us know in to the comment below because your bird live is important to us.

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