Why is my cockatiel losing feathers on his head?

Why is my cockatiel losing feathers on his head?

Have you ever wondered why is my cockatiel losing feathers on his head?  Do not be afraid losing feather by the cockatiel is normal thing to happen but there are a few reasons l will mention it to you so, let’s get started.

why does my cockatiel have no feathers on head?

Head feathers loss occurs either because the cockatiel bird is having one of this problem some time there are some reasons that made your bird losing feathers.so I will mention causes of losing feathers on cockatiel head then you will decide which one of this is problem could be in your poor bird.

                 what causes birds to lose feathers on their head

First, could be cockatiel losing feathers on head cause of Mite, the thing about mites is that they are so small, and they stick into the feathers. Thus, they are famous as feather mites. What makes feather mites problematic is that they are hard to spot. Thus, you won’t know your cockatiel has some in just a glance. If you use a magnifying tool, you may notice such mites, but only as small dark spots lying in your pet’s feathers.

These parasites can affect your cockatiel by living in its feathers, sucking and biting from such.

Second, disease or infection is caused by a virus Diseases Viral diseases can also be at the origin of the loss of feathers in domestic birds like the Cockatiel. The process itself has been little studied and partially understood by specialists.

Third, Malnutrition is a more serious cause of feather loss. You should give your birds good food like carrots, lettuce and eggs.

A small note that is recommended to be observed and known, especially if you are new to breeding cockatiels, if you bring a new bird, try not to put new food for the bird because it is possible that it will not eat it, or the sudden change of food may cause health problems for the new bird, you should ask the seller When buying a new bird and knowing from it the type of food that the bird was eating before buying it, and you put the same type of old food for it, and then little by little you can change the type of food for it.

do cockatiel head feathers grow back

It is recommended to deal with it by providing calcium and its sources (sepia bone, snail and seashells, sea sand Provide sources of balanced food and drink, be clean.

An important note is that the cockatiel has a habit of plucking.

Feathers can be bad behavior such as plucking oneself or seasonal molting, usually birds pluck each other, and this is what causes cockatiel losing feathers on his head .

?how to treat feather loss in birds

if you need feathers grow back Just feed him up on some good healthy foods & he will be fine. Put a bathtub for the bird daily, with the addition of some drops of apple cider vinegar and drops of lemon, of course if the weather is suitable for bathing and is free from air currents

If you have any more questions about cockatiel molting or if you want to share your own experiences with us leave a comment below.

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