Why is my Cockatiel plucking his feathers?

Why is my Cockatiel plucking his feathers?

Why is my Cockatiel plucking his feathers?

Why is my Cockatiel plucking his feathers? we will talk about subject of feather picking is the controversial and most discussed Plucking is when a bird intentionally pulls his feathers out. Plucking feather, it happing to mostly in big birds such as cockatoos, African Grey Parrots but mostly happing to cockatiel birds. So, in this article we will know Why is my Cockatiel plucking his feathers?

Causes of plucking

  This generally is related to intestinal parasites. She needs to be checked over by a good vet. Very unlikely that mites/lice are an issue, so please discontinue those products. The toys and baths are ok. Feather issues can be caused by a multitude of things, including bacterial skin infection, viruses, fungal infections, allergies, metal poisoning, hormonal flux, psychological or combinations of these factors. The difficulty is diagnosing the problems and assigning an intelligent treatment plan. Your vet will want to run a number of tests so that appropriate medications can be prescribed. An avian-experienced vet should take a look at her, and run some tests .

1– Health issues – Diseases like feather cyst, parasites like ringworm, liver disease, cancer, skin infections can all cause feather plucking.

2- Malnutrition – Imbalanced nutrition, mineral deficiencies, such as calcium, zinc, selenium, manganese, and magnesium, can cause brittle, frayed feathers and itchy skin, leading to feather plucking and bald areas.

The most common reason

Disease like feather cyst

Allergies to environmental factors or food

Emotional stress


Liver disease


Skin infections or inflammations

Poisoning by heavy metals like zinc

Metabolic disorders


Dryness of the skin due to low humidity

Dyes and preservatives in the food

Disturbance in the normal light and dark cycles of the bird

Lack of natural sunlight and fresh air.

Notice. It is important to provide your bird with a good environment. Try to allocate time for him to take care of him or play with him and provide him with games so that he does not feel bored. Parrots, cockatoos, cockatiels, and other birds do not like to be neglected and love companionship. If you do not have time for him, bring him a companion.

how do i stop my bird from plucking his feathers?

do cockatiels feathers grow back after plucking? above all most birds are capable of growing their feathers back. As a general rule, however If you want your bird feather grow back give him vitamins, minerals and rich foods such as spinach, radish and celery additionally He bathes with vinegar and water twice a week in the summer and once in winter, for fear of the flu put one spoon of vinegar on the liter of water and give to him and Birds should be on a high-quality, preferably prescribed, pelleted diet In addition,

they should be offered dark leafy greens, cooked sweet potatoes, yams, squash, pumpkin; entire (tops and bottoms) fresh carrots and so forth. No seeds (and that means a mix, or millet, or sprays, etc. etc.) and only healthy, low-fat, high-fiber food for people. A dietary change should be closely monitored and supervised by your avian vet. Birds should get 12-14 hours of dark, quiet, uninterrupted sleep at night. Any less and they can suffer from sleep deprivation and associated illnesses. They should be covered or their cage placed in a dark room that is not used after they go to bed.

In conclusion, we talked in this article about plucking and its causes, and as we knew that plucking comes most of the from viral and bacterial to cancers, endocrine diseases, and vitamin deficiencies. Thus, it is important to have your bird examined by a veterinarian Don’t make the bird suffer a lot .

in the end We hope this article was helpful for you if you have any questions please let us know in the comment below. And think you for reading

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