Cockatiel losing feathers

Cockatiel losing feathers is a problem faced by all bird breeders and is common to all birds, so, in this article, we will explore the actions we need to solve this problem and what are the causes of Cockatiel losing feathers

why is my cockatiel losing feathers?

If you ask why is my cockatiel losing feathers? There are several reasons, we will mention some common reasons

First fear and panic are one of the causes of feather loss in birds Therefore, every breeder should take into account the need to be gentle in dealing with your birds during the change of food and during or while carrying the cage.

As for your entry to your birds, especially if the birds are in a room isolated from the sight and movement of the inhabitants of the house The breeder must avoid frightening the birds during the night for whatever reasons, and he must also not enter the room of your birds, especially during the period of production.

Indeed, Lack of hygiene also has a negative effect on birds because the cockatiel is a sensitive bird.

Secondly. mite: It is a small insect that do not easily see live in the feathers of the bird, which makes it scratch Feathers a lot and pluck in this case you must clean the cage well and put the bird in a place where you pass it Sunlight and humidity contribute to the spread of these dangerous insects,

I would also like to note that there is an abnormal calculus that comes suddenly due to a sudden change in diet For birds or rapid and differentiated change in temperature Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature is moderate and that a diet is relied upon. A variety of one and it is continued Keep your bird healthy

Nutritional deficiencies: Birds need healthy and balanced nutrition to maintain the growth of their feathers and the strength of their body in general. If birds eat inadequate food or lack some essential nutrients, it can lead to feathers.

Stress: Stress caused by factors such as sudden weather changes or excessive noise can cause bird feathers to fall out.

Diseases: Birds face a variety of diseases that can affect their health and cause feathers to fall.

how to treat feather loss in birds?

This will be helping your bird cockatiel feathers to grow back.

spinach, chicory, dried tomato, Bok Choy, grated carrots, kale, yams,

sweet potatoes and pumpkin (the latter three preferably cooked)

Fruit: Cantaloupe melon, nectarines, apricots, bananas, grapes, and apple.

Just watch out for fruit seeds because the cherry pip, for example, may contain

trace amounts of cyanide.

cockatiel losing feather  There are various causes for the problem of When your bird’s feathers fall, you must take care of it and discover the reasons that made it lose its feathers and treat it by giving it vitamins or useful foods and of course do not forget to consult your veterinarian.

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