Cockatiel losing feathers under wing

Cockatiel losing feathers under wing

why Cockatiel losing feathers under wing

Everyone asks about the problem, the cockatiel losing feather under the wing, so every breeder should know that the feathers consist of keratin and require large amounts of protein for proper growth. However, in this article, we will know more about the problem of the causes of cockatiels losing their feathers under the wing, and we will also know how to deal with it.

?is it normal for cockatiels to lose feathers

Bird feathers shed for several reasons. There is a natural shedding and there is an abnormal shedding. The natural shedding is seasonal molting, which usually happens to all poultry.

Molting often occurs in the summer, which is a period of rest for birds from production, so the breeder must be patient. I have mentioned this topic before.

There is heavy precipitation. When the cockatiel is sick, malnourished, and depression, they are more likely to lose their feathers heavier than usual.

missing feathers under wing, sometimes it may be caused by a vitamin deficiency

Therefore, it can be treated by providing a suitable diet for the bird.

Try to eat a variety of foods, such as giving him a bird of vegetables, eggs, rice, sweet potatoes, and fruit.

?why is my bird losing feathers under wings

Fear is one of the reasons cockatiels lose their feathers under their wings. Most of the cockatiel birds When the is afraid, it hurts itself. This is a big problem. A person with a cockatiel must find solutions so as not to frighten the bird. I mean, when you want to get close to the bird, slowly approach it so it knows you and feels safe, or there is a workable solution. Make a sound before you reach the bird because the cockatiel doesn’t like surprises.

Neglecting to clean the cage is one of the causes of bird feathers shedding.

so hygiene is very important for cockatiels because they are sensitive.

birds that are more susceptible to disease due to lack of hygiene, in other words. will die.

Natural lighting is very important for your bird, whether it is sick or not, but the bird needs sunlight in general .

how to treat feather loss in birds?

Above all, know that when you see your bird without feathers, it makes you sad. I agree with you. it is very difficult. And you want a quick fix, but unfortunately there is no quick fix. There are solutions that need time, because there are birds that respond to treatment and some do not, so the solution is to find out the cause. Cockatiel losing feathers under wing You will suffer from what your bird suffers from the solutions that we mentioned above.

Finally, there is a possibility that when a bird’s feathers fall bald spots, it may be a hormonal imbalance or inactive or diseased follicles, so I advise you to consult a veterinarian.

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