Cockatiel losing feathers around eyes

Cockatiel losing feathers around eyes

everyone asks why is my cockatiel losing feathers around his eyes? Cockatiel can lose his feathers for many reasons and from regions different all over his body, in this article we will taking about how helps the cockatiel bird to grow its feathers.    

why is my bird losing feathers around his eyes?

 why is my bird losing feathers around his eyes? You can find the feathers thinning around the eyes of your bird but you do not know the reason. lossing Feather around eyes indicate to the bird is sick, so, let’s dig straight in to have a peek at a few essential explanations why a lot of feathers are lost by our Cockatiel eyes.

Often when cockatiel losing feathers around his eyes that mean Cockatiel sinus infection or Sometimes improper activity of the thyroid gland, ovaries, can be a sign of Vitamin A deficiency cockatiel’s feathers have many reasons’ but Some of these problems are like that isn’t normal at all.

cockatiel losing feathers

feathers loss it common causes of domestic birds so, usually birds losing their feathers by different ways like plucking them self as we talking previously, or plucking their baby we also have talked about that, or molting it natural process that occurs to all the birds.

Often these problems can be solved

If you care of your bird very carefully he going to be healthy because cockatiel is a sensitive bird.  maybe cockatiel birds losing his feathers it as a result negligence that it may have bad and negative effects on your birds.  

loose feathers sign your birds is sick 

The bacteria may infect the skin and surrounding eyes of bird The bird’s feather might deteriorate due to certain medical conditions such as kidney disorders. There are other detected diseases and disorders that cause plumage issues.  

best treatment

To protect your bird’s feather, it is essential to pay attention to food care. Your bird must have balanced and complete meals every day. This is especially true during the entire molting season. This is when it is greatly necessary. During this phase, it is especially necessary for.

Food supplements, as well as fruit and vegetables, complete the birds’ diet. Birds should only take a certain amount of fresh fruit, which depends on the species to which they belong.


  Finally, greatest worry when you see your bird losing feathers around his eye and you cannot do anything so, I think owner birds should do their best to solving this cockatiel losing feathers problem around eyes that bad sign to your birds. so you must care of your birds. 

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