cockatiel plucking baby feathers

Hi everybody today we going to talking about Cockatiel Plucking Baby Feathers in this article we will discover plucking problem and why parents plucking their feathers babies.

cockatiel plucking baby feathers

cockatiel plucking feathers

First, plucking feather is a common behavior in cockatiel birds, they’re plucking their baby birds ’feathers and sometime plucking themselves or plucking of each other that is happing with all birds for instance budgie, parrot

Why parents plucking baby’s feathers?

plucking problems

There are several things that can contribute to parents plucking of baby especially if they are keen to lay a second clutch of eggs, and that because, they need calcium or bad habit.

Overall the skin of birds is much thinner than that of mammals of comparable size. so, plucking feathers hurts them and sometime make the baby’s skin weak, and they’re slowly dying that if you let them with them parents therefore, you must separate them.

There are several ways to helps the poor baby bird of a parent plucking but you should choses which ways is best and useful to your cockatiel birds when both parents picking at the chicks’

How do you help baby of a parents plucking?

feather, your only option might be to take them away from the parent and finish raising them yourself that is best way. But If you are not comfortable feeding the chick bird yourself then you can do which one of these ways below or you find out a new way.

This some ways may it going to help you with your cockatiels when he plucking of their babies’ feather.  in that setting you can bout piece of cloth in the hole nest you have to put white cloth or light colors because the cockatiels afraid of Blake colors therefore   when the parents are out of the nest the chicks going to be alone,  

So, before close the hole of the nest you must be sure the babies crops full of food and also you have to let a small hole in the door of the nest until the air enters the nest for the chicks Subsequently you must don’t forget the nest closed for a long time, So as, the chicks don’t die of starvation so, you must check the babies each 3 or 4 times and when you see them hungry.

 Remove the cloth from the hole of the nest to let the parent feed them and keep in your mind that parents should not go to the nest don’t let the parents enter to the nest Except when the meal time to they feed their chicks.  As shown in the.

illustration blow.

cockatiel plucking baby feathers

And there is way to start solving this issues when you find out that one of them pull out chicks ‘feathers, you should use the separation. For example, When the mother plucking of her chicks

Separate her in other cage and let the male feed them, but you must be sure the father feed them really well and doesn’t pluck Because may be sometime he can’t feed them alone, so you should return the hen to feed her chicks in meal time to help the male because The feeding extremely that going to causes him die, and the same applies to the female to.

Note: very important when one of the parent going to feed the babies you must give him more food like eggs, rice, and vegetables because that going to make feeding easier for him during he is feeding his chicks.

When you’re hand-feeding chicks

 If you need to going to help your birds feathers to grow back faster and better than ever, if you have been taken them from their parents earlier and care of them very well they going to heal very quickly, in my opinion if you can take the cockatiel chicks of their parents take them There is no reason to prolong its suffering when you could get it professional help.


We have talked about Cockatiel Plucking Baby Feathers and how deal with this problem and we give you several solutions to help you.

We hope this article was helpful for you if you have any questions please let us know in the comment below. And think you for reading.

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