how do cockatiels get respiratory infections

How does cockatiel get respiratory infections?

Respiratory diseases are among the most common problems seen in all species of pet bird’s therefore, we will discuss this is danger disease in this article.

what is respiratory infection

The respiratory tract starts with the nares (nostrils) and sinus cavities, and proceeds deeper into the bird with the trachea (windpipe), lungs, and air sacs. Respiratory problems can have many reasons such as bacteria However, parasites, tumors, fungi (e.g., Aspergillus), viruses, Mycoplasma

Opening mouth, breathing Potential clicking, rattle or gasping sound Tail bobbing with each breath Lethargy, Weakness or Fluffed up   and Poor appetite so, if you see this signs of distress then you must take your bird to the vet immediately.

The causes of disease

Cockatiel bird’s breathing difficulty could be of cold disease during winter season. Sometimes that because Boom of air currents or sudden weather fluctuations. Causes for breathing difficulties can be also inhaling of deadly fumes.

 Meanwhile the bird can’t breathe so, restrain your bird as gently and calmly as you can and place him in his travel carrier, with a towel over it to keep him as still and as quiet as possible. Call the veterinarian and get going

Symptoms of respiratory

The bird with increased respiratory effort generally shows up and down bob of its tail with each breath.” Some cockatiel birds with respiratory disease will have watery eyes; still others will sneeze, wheeze, cough, and have nasal discharge.

The bird may develop a cold to an infection in the respiratory tract, or it may develop pneumonia as a result of a virus other than the virus that causes the cold, and the symptoms of the disease are shortness of breath and the bird issuing sounds while breathing.

Important note

Some people think that an eye disease is the same as a respiratory disease It is a dangerous disease for all birds, but each bird differs from others according to the degree of the bird’s tolerance for it.

It is a disease that affects the respiratory system and not the bird’s eye, as the stage of its appearance on the bird’s eye is considered a final stage for the disease, so it is called tear disease.

Difficulty breathing is normal

Sometimes the bird opens his beak while breathing to get the largest amount of air if he has a respiratory disease, but that also happen when he feels hot, fear, or Exposure to sunlight. You must be sure that your bird has respiratory disease.

treating respiratory infection in birds

if you need to treat a respiratory infection in a cockatiel you have to know that Pneumonia is dangerous if it is not treated quickly, as the affected bird must be taken to the veterinarian immediately, as any delay in treatment may lead to negative results and the bird will be its victim, and sulfa compounds and antibiotics can be used until the bird is taken to the veterinarian.


Finally, we think have covered some of the points related to this subject .but such as important subject needs more and more paragraphs to be completely discussed .

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