cockatiel lutino

The lutino cockatiel is one of the most popular mutations of cockatiel, with white to light-yellow feathers and orange cheek patches but he isn’t much different from the other cockatiel mutations However, bird breeders can breed for certain traits, and they have been breeding for different color mutations in cockatiels since the 1940s

lutino cockatiel male

Lutino cockatiel male doesn’t different of other cockatiel birds but ,he has some features like Eye, sexual difference and bald so, that we are going to talk about with details.

Baby Lutino cockatiel

Baby Lutino cockatiel It does not differ from other cockatiel chicks, except in some behaviors such as Alutino chicks do not carry the disease and soon die and also Sensitive and very afraid of anything So it is similar to the regular cocktail chicks

Lutino cockatiel breeding

Lutino cockatiel breeding, the lutino cockatiel birds are breeding such as another birds no different. You can breed cockatiels and the best time is between spring and early fall. The hen will lay 2-8 small white eggs about once every 48 hours. The presence of a nest box is required if you plan to breed your birds.