lutino cockatiel male

lutino cockatiel male

Lutino cockatiel male doesn’t different of other cockatiel birds but ,he has some features like Eye, sexual difference and bald so, that we are going to talk about with details.   

difference between male and female cockatiel

 1- The difference between the male and female cockatiel lutino is by listening to their call. That the male can sing and whistles but the female cannot like male but when cockatiel that feels threatened or afraid of something that mean he terrified and both of male and female do the hiss.

2-  You will notice yellow lines under the lutino female wing but, males have a plain color under the wing, either white or yellow.  

Cockatiels commonly have night frights

Cockatiels commonly have night frights, but the lutino is afraid more than of other cockatiel birds, the fear instinct exists in most creatures to protect them and liberate them from unknown danger lutino is afraid of sudden movements, and this is what makes him hurt himself when he bangs left and right inside the cage or loud panic attacks caused by sounds or movements that pass unnoticed during the day.  Therefore, the breeder must make a sound before entering to see your bird so as not to be surprised and also you can play Music to your birds This will makes him not distinguish strange sounds.

Lutino Eye

The lutino eye is red that because Lack of melanin pigment so, that Clearly shown in the light Before puberty, the eyes are bright red Keep in mind when lutino bird goes through puberty his eye will be Redness more evident.

Notice. when you point the light to the lutino eye and not showing up in red that mean your cockatiel is not lutino. It is considered to be a mutation of the “Clear Paid” color. It is no different from the Latino, and what distinguishes it from the Latino is its red eye color.

Baldness in the lutein

Baldness appears in lutino cockatiels a lot, which is natural and is not considered a defect, disease, or weakness in the type of lutino cockatiel, as it is inherited by generations.

in different proportions. And its appearance is the result of a genetic defect that appeared with the Lutino Mutation Therefore, it is not preferable to mate cockatiels with this characteristic to each other, and it is preferable to mate the bald Lutino to the regular gray or frilled gray cockatiel.

This genetic defect can be avoided, because it remains a recessive genetic trait, by introducing a different type into the strain, preferably the normal gray Lutino It is the original.

                         why my cockatiel scream

that when he annoyed of thing or he want something so, you have to Make sure of his food and water maybe he hungry or thirsty or your bird likes to sleep in a dark place so he feels sleepy but he can’t of the light. Sometimes whoever male and female scream to protect their nests or their babies during breeding.


In this article, we talked about the lutino cockatiel bird and how it is no different from the ordinary cockatiel in some features, which are baldness, extreme fear, and a red eye. We hope you find this article useful.