cockatiel mating

Cockatiel should be able to mating when they are at least 18 months old for a Male and 2 years old for a female.  When both birds are old enough. ritual begins when the male cockatiel is sexual maturity you should start mate them If they show interest, then you can introduce them gradually in the same cage,

When the female is ready to mate she will crouch down. This position makes it possible for the male to mate with her. Mating may take up to a minute and then the male will fly away. then you have to prepare the nest to them.

Cockatiel mating behavior

 Male cockatiels are much more vocal than females. Males tend to sing or have a higher range of different chirps. Females doesn’t sing very much, on the contrary, some females sing muted songs during mating behavior but they never sing like males and you can take this is as a rule. When it’s time to mating the male cockatiel will show some courting behavior. Will do a mating dance he give a little jump from please to another Following the female with his calls, fluff up his feathers and bob his head.

cockatiel nesting

Cockatiels show nesting behavior when they are getting hormonal and thinking about mating and making  babies! Creating a nest mean incubating the eggs, furthermore, if you don’t prevent access to nesting spots and nesting material you will be surprise by finding some eggs in somewhere in your house!

Cockatiel chicks

cockatiel chicks hand raising and care

 you need a brooder to keep the baby cockatiel warm, it is also equipped with a heat source, you also need a good hand feeding formula and the tools to feed the chick, such as a syringe. You must have contact with any expert support and vet. The best time to pull them from the nest at 2 to 3 weeks of age. But you may need to know if it Possibly less or more age could be ok.