Cockatiel mating behavior

cockatiel male and female mating behavior

cockatiel mating behavior and also, some common questions about cockatiel mating will be explained in this article. So, cockatiel mating behavior going to be the main subject. And kingdom cockatiel team have tried to provide you with the most important information about cockatiel mating behavior ,

Male vs. female cockatiels mating behavior

Male cockatiels are much more vocal than females. Males tend to sing or have a higher range of different chirps. Females doesn’t sing very much, on the contrary, Some females sing muted songs during mating behavior but they never sings like males and you can take this is as a rule.

cockatiel mating behavior male

the most known mating behavior when your Male cockatiel interested in a female cockatiel starts to whistle with different types of sounds like twittering or warbling .

call cockatiel mating

How do you recognize that is a mating call? Believe it or no he will not only attract the attention of his hen you also, will be captive by his singing because it is not a noise voice at all! You will want to listen to it again and again with happiness😍. Notice females cannot make these calls. (They also don’t talk)

How do male cockatiels attract females?

mating dance

male cockatiel mating dance
male cockatiel mating behavior

When it’s time to mating the male cockatiel will show some courting behavior. Will do a mating dance he give a little jump from please to another Following the female with his calls, fluff up his feathers and bob his head. He is quite comical. You will absolutely have some fun time watching him. Male cockatiel also tapping his beak on the walls of the cage or on the nesting box to get the attention of Female cockatiel.

male cockatiel hormonal behavior

Is my cockatiel trying to mate?

Both Male and female cockatiels can have aggressive behavior not only during mating season but also some other things could make them would stimulate their hormones. If the cockatiel is trying to mate with you gently but firmly, drop him. Don’t hit him on his back or tail, he can’t control himself because of the hormones. It will take at least two weeks for the effect of the hormone to diminish. And we make a list of the most things that make your cockatiel getting hormonal below.

female cockatiel behavior

What do female cockatiels do when they want to mate?

female cockatiel mating behavior
female cockatiel mating behavior

all females can do is asking for mating by droop their wings down, raise their rear end and make soft cooing sounds, there is something you should to know not all the female cockatiels have the same behavior mating. By the way you have to know female cockatiels usually makes small squeaks and tweets and then raises her tail which means she is ready to mate

female cockatiel in heat signs

The birds don’t come in heat, but they do get hormones anywhere from spring to this time of year. However, what you see is not breeding behavior. It is, plain and simple, masturbation. This is a very common behavior in male cockatiels and female cockatiels of any species that cockatiels are more susceptible to. It’s completely harmless, not something you have to worry about and for sure, you’d never, ever scold him. And it won’t stop at the end of the “breeding” season. He will do so intermittently for the rest of his life. If he decides he wants to use your hand or your arm, and if you’d rather not scold him, don’t scold him, just distract him by putting him in a playpen or something else. I hope this puts your mind at ease but if you can if you can bring a female , because this behavior is proof that he is ready and needs to mate.

cockatiel mating season

By the start of spring (around March 20), nesting season has already started. But in captivity, Cockatiels can  mate and breed any time of the year. 


We hope this article about cockatiel mating behavior was useful and helpful for you to understand  your cockatiel parrot well during mating season.