Hi everyone today we going to talk about Fatty liver disease is a commonly reported condition in birds. Although for some birds there will be a hereditary element, the most significant cause is diet and lifestyle, leading to in this article we will explaining this Fatty liver disease with detailing.

signs of fatty liver disease

 may occur together with a rise in plasma cholesterol and sometimes there is a post increase in the blood, particularly with a high fat diet. Diets containing seeds such as sunflower, hemp, sunflower can produce this effect.

Overgrown upper beaks. The beaks of some birds grow excessively long if they’re obese or have fatty-liver disease. This trait is particularly true in Amazon parrots and budgies, but it can also be seen in other parrot specie.

Obesity is a major concern in pet birds. They’re typically less active than their wild counterparts. This lack of exercise, coupled with eating foods such as seeds, which are high in fat, and excessive amounts of otherwise healthy food, has contributed to an epidemic of obesity.

 Just as with humans, extra weight in birds brings with it the risk of many health problems, including arthritis, fatty liver disease, and heart disease, and it shortens avian life spans. Budgies, cockatiels, and Amazon parrots seem particularly prone to putting on weight.

cockatiel fatty liver disease symptoms

Your bird is acting listless or depressed.

Your bird is staying in a “fluffed” position without much


Your bird has lost interest in food.

Your bird seems to have labored breathing.

Your bird has a swollen, puffed abdomen.

You’re noticing wet droppings.

You’re noticing yellow or green coloring in the white parts of

your bird’s droppings.

You’re noticing that your bird’s water supply needs to be

replenished more frequently due to excessive thirst.

main causes of fatty liver disease

Because lack of activity is one of the factors contributing to obesity, look for ways to motivate your bird to move around more. A great bird toy that inspires exercise is a stiff rope coil perch, which moves as the bird moves, promoting balance and coordination and strengthening muscles. These perches are great fun, and they really burn calories! For more on outfitting your bird, see Chapter.

Under nutrition The lack of critical nutrients in a bird’s diet known as under nutrition can make birds seem old and fragile before their time. Here are the most common nutrients missing in poor diets:

how do you treat fatty liver in birds?

If you think your cockatiel is pudgy, talk to your veterinarian about dietary changes that may help. Exercise is also important. One of the better toys for a perch potato, especially a larger parrot such as an Amazon, is a stiff rope coil perch, which forces the bird to work to stay in time with the swings and bounces. It’s good for fighting boredom, too!

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