Cockatiel bites

Cockatiel bites .Pet birds have few other means of communicating with their human owners, so biting serves as a virtual communication signal. Cockatiel is a sensitive and rather emotional bird, so in this article you will learn the causes of cockatiel bites and what to do in this case.

Why cockatiel bites?

There are several reasons why cockatiels may bite

The fear. first and foremost, you should know that cockatiels are very afraid in an indescribable way, different from other birds The birds will really bite every now and then, but only if they are scared, stunned or if they feel trapped and weak.

It is likely that your bird is not trying to be aggressive, as biting is not a dominant behavior for birds.

So do not think that if you just bought a bird, 90٪of will not bite you, because it does not know you, and this is how it defends itself, especially if the bird was raised by its parents and never coexisted with a human being. Unless the cockatiel was trained by another breeder, then it will accept people naturally.

feeling sleepy

Let your cockatiel rest if it starts biting you. Cockatiels and other types of parrots need a great deal of sleep, and they can become angry if they don’t get enough rest. If the bird has been awake for hours and begins to bite, return it to its cage. Leave the room and let your cockatiel rest or sleep if he wants to.

feeling dangerous.

Find out why the bird bites. Cockatiels often communicate with their owners by biting. If you can figure out what the bird is trying to tell you, it will probably stop biting you. A cockatiel can bite when it tries to fall asleep and you disturb it or when it feels protected and tries to warn you of a real or perceived danger.

If a cockatiel is abused or neglected in a former home, animal shelter or pet store, He may be susceptible to biting.

The causes of aggressive behavior

cockatiel is attacked and defend themselves

They defend something meaningful to them.

 Cockatiels show aggressive behavior when attacking their chicks or owner. Therefore, the goal of biting is to attack the threat directly and drive it away

.Biting is a natural instinct for cockatiels

It is not primarily about attack or aggression. It is primarily about self-defense.

Cockatiels only bite when they feel threatened and have no other way out.

Unfortunately, some birds will feel this way and lunge whenever a stranger gets too close.

 1. Add perches or toys to your cockatiel cage. The cockatiel will enjoy the extra entertainment that these things in its cage provide, and will experience less aggressive moods.

To encourage your cockatiel to spend more time playing in his cage, try giving him things you can find around the house, including: big Lego bricks, buttons, and shiny things like metal bells.

how to stop my cockatiel from biting

2 . Say “no” to the bird in a stern voice. By saying “no,” you can train the bird to stop biting you – or at least prevent it from biting you when you give the command. Be consistent when doing this, and say “no” every time the bird bites you or makes a movement to bite you. Like any animal, cockatiels will not learn voice commands if they are not used regularly.

You will need to be patient with cockatiel bites. The animal’s behavior does not change overnight, and it can take weeks for the pet’s cockatiel to stop biting if it gets used to behaving with you or another owner


Biting is an important defense method for cockatiels to deal with danger

Don’t reach into your cockatiel’s cage and wake him up when he’s asleep. All pet birds should be left alone while they are resting. A rudely awakened bird may get angry, so don’t be surprised when it bites you.

What should I do to not let my cockatiel bite me?

You should wear thick cloth gloves so when the bird bites you it can’t reach your finger

I will tell you a way that the bird cannot bite you, which is blowing on the face of the bird when it tries to bite you, it gets scared and backs away .

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