Cockatiel nesting box

Cockatiel nesting box is a very important thing in your cockatiel bird live because when he is ready to breeding he will be needed a nest box to make a family. so in this article we are going to give you some advices about Cockatiel nesting box.

Nest Box Wood for a pair of breeding cockatiels
Nest Box Wood for a pair of breeding cockatiels

Cockatiel nesting material

if you need Proper nesting box to your bird, you need to know cockatiel nest material include sawdust, shredded paper and wood chips. Thin you have to Lay the bedding 2 inches’ deep in the bottom of the box .

clean straw for cockatiels nesting box
clean straw for cockatiels nesting box

cockatiel nest box size

What size nesting box does a cockatiel need? cockatiel bird especially the female need a comfortable nesting box so, the nest box should be at least 12 x12 inches.

instructions about cockatiel nesting

if you use wood chips to your cockatiel. Do not leave moist bedding, these are ideal sites for fungal the causes fungus on the chicks It is a very serious disease that cause killing the cockatiel babies. and Make sure your bird is in a clean environment that is not too humid or crowded.

you have to but the cockatiel nest in a safe place to make your cockatiel feel safe If they don’t feel safe will not lay eggs and don’t open the nest more than once a day, that just if you need to check up of the female Because cockatiel females could have egg binding .

do cockatiels sleep in nest box

cockatiels don’t sleep in the nest unless they need to breeding so, if you don’t planning to breed your cockatiel bird the nest will not be necessary.