White faced grey pied cockatiel

White faced grey pied cockatiel

Cockatiel white face grey pied is one of the cockatiel colour genetic mutations, with a mostly white or grayish face. They stand out because they have no orange cheek patches or yellow coloring at all. This is the seventh established mutation which appeared for the first time with domesticated cockatiels in 1964 in Holland. in this topic we going to taking about Cockatiel white face grey pied and white-faced cockatiel female.

white-faced cockatiel female

For white-faced cockatiels, the males will have a whiter head and the females will have more of a grayish head. The females will also have the barred markings underneath their tail feathers while the males will have none.

Breeding Whiteface Cockatiels

Above all, if you want to breeding a white face bird, you must have experience or knowledge about the dominant and the recessive, meaning genetics, or ask the buyer about the type of your bird, because not every white face gives birth to a chick that looks like it.so, sometimes During breeding, the dominant gene eliminates any yellow or orange coloring giving the bird a distinct look.

By the way, the white face is no different from other cockatiels White faced grey pied cockatiel looks like cockatiel of everything like mating, breeding and behaviors etc.,

White-faced cockatiel in different colour mutations

  1. The White-faced grey cockatiel

2. And white-faced pearl cockatiel

4. The White-faced pearl pied cockatiel

5. The White-faced cinnamon cockatiel

6. And white-faced cinnamon pearl cockatiel

7. Some white-faced cinnamon pied cockatiel

While the White Faced Cockatiel can live up to 10–14 years in the wild, with the right care and conditioning, they can live up to 15–25 years in captivity. All cockatiels, especially this one, should exercise because they are prone to parasites, obesity, and lethargy. White Faced Cockatiels for sale as adults can reach lengths of 12 to 13 inches. When compared to the typical sizes and weights of cockatoo birds, these cockatiels weigh between 85 and 115 grams, which is neither excessively heavy nor particularly light.

What is a grey and white cockatiel called?

While the Yellow face and Grey (normal) keep their grey and white bodies, these birds don’t have any orange or yellow markings on their faces. Male adults have white heads that may have gray patterns. Typically, female faces are entirely grey.

Are white-faced cockatiels friendly?

All birds are friendly. If you deal with them seriously, they will get used to you and love you, but by the nature of all birds and animals, they are violent, because they protect themselves from any stranger, so this thing is normal. The breeder must be nice to him in order to feel safe, and that takes time.

How do cockatiels get white faces?

All of the yellow and orange that would normally be present in a Lutino is eliminated by the “Whiteface gene.” The “Lutino gene” also eliminates all shades of gray and black. The outcome is a red-eyed, all-white Cockatiel.

Are whiteface cockatiels rare?

white face cockatiels are not rare, just not as common as say-Lutinos, or Pieds.

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